It is the ideal discipline for those looking to push their limits, develop skills and have fun in a group and individually, in a unique form of training.

Through exercises of dynamic tension it looks to strengthen the body preparing it for the realization of those acrobatic schemes both dynamic and static, in a group and individual.

Group exercises, forms and positions, they help to escape from what's preset and overcome the fears that go marking us along our life, generating confidence in the companion of practice; what it translates to reinforce lines of general trust in our life.

These fears represent locks that not only hinder us to the time of performing an exercise, but, in an analogy with the day to day, it limits us for carrying forward hundreds of actions in others areas.These are some of the aspects that we will overcome and will leave behind with the practice of Acrobatics.

With the physical development that Acrobatics provide us, by reflection we will overcome our mental traumas; the action of realizing the exercises and running every time more complex tasks, both individual as in groups, starts unlocking us; so we can find the freedom in the trigger and avoid that the obstacles repeat or install inexorably.

The School, in the practice of the Chinese Acrobatics, develops gradual programs allowing practitioners to advance gradually according to their own conditions, not limited by any aspect, whether it's age or gender.The Orientators in charge work in a customized way with each student, generating individual work plans that help practitioners overcome and become surprised with their reached goals.

In Acrobatics we work positions with a partner, making the development of the balance both, with one self, as with the environment something necessary; teaching the importance of teamwork and helping to overcome our own ego.

Some benefits of its practice:

  • · Complete muscular development
  • · Strength
  • · Elongation
  • · Safety
  • · Physical recovery and mental overcome