Although the change is the only thing for sure and life changes with every nuance of the look, the majority of those changes are subtle, imperceptible to the human eye.

To produce a real change in our life is difficult, many times our routine overwhelms us and its because of this that for those who want to finish with their routine, the School of PaKua gives them an exciting tool to cope with, or, "leave behind" those internal issues by the hand of one of the more adrenalinic practices of the martial branches.

The Edged Weapons practice works intensively the physique of a person, both in stressed positions, as in aerobic exercises that work the speed and resistance.The complement, makes the training something very effective and with notable results.The use of the edged weapons goes in a progressive way, starting by sables of cane, to pass to wood ones and then start with the metal ones; studying a broad spectrum of edged weapons as knives, swords and sabers in their multiple varieties.This succession occurs by the fact that when we start getting better with each weapon, the risk of getting hurt decreases.

From afar we can asseverate that knowing the handling of a sabre, a sword, a knife, a Sai, etc. is simply obsolete in the times that run.However, the one who dares, lives the moment and finds in the handling of these cutting edge weapons much more than fast calisthenics and artistically outstanding movements; the practitioners starts themselves in the path of the Warrior, they learn how to make their life an art, training takes them to the maximum domain of the accuracy of all their movements, which is transferred to the control of themselves and its internal aspects; that is to say, to be an architect of their own destiny simply from the moment where they understand the importance of being a warrior.

The warrior was never successful by its external expression, that is to say his physical training; what took him to be truly virtuous was the attention to detail, care, the ability to listen to itself and, therefore, listen to the world, the courage, the bravery of living the moment, its true nobility, that is to say, when the being raises by its own devotion towards the rest, the values, the absence of ego.This is what we learn in the Edged Weapons classes.

The way of the sword is a code path, is a way of nobility, where the cleanliness and purity of spirit are some of its main features.

Some of the benefits obtained from the practice are:

  • · Maximum development of concentration and coordination
  • · Intense muscular work
  • · Discipline
  • · Composure
  • · Introspection