N'Ching Lung

N'Ching Lung - (Chinese ReiKi).The man has a vital power called "Chi", and it's the essence of who is it as a human being.

It is represented with a symbol that combines the steam as representation of what's intangible, on a grain of rice, that representates the tangible, that physical form that holds the life.ForNei King So Wen, the Chi is the essence of the 10000 beings, it's the cause of all creation and all destruction, what gives form to the matter.

The N'Ching Lung is a holistic technique, that works in a specific way with every aspect of the individual, taking in mind that they are also the sum of an everything, which we have to also take care of.In simple words, harmonizes the different planes of the man: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; takes the man as a whole.

The people that made these courses, enter in contact with a natural method of harmonization based in the channeling of the vital energy through different technical and positions.

One of the currently most known techniques is the channeling of energy through the hands (known also as the dragon's breath) for its subsequent application in areas that require energetic harmony.In the course those techniques are studied for the self application so as for the application in others who require them.

Providing this type of technique, is connected with this wonderful energy that, through practice, gives us a feeling of fullness and that leads to live in joy.

The study of the N'Ching Lung, so as other courses within the PaKua Oriental Knowledges and Sciences School is divided in 4 levels; a initial one, an intermediate one, an advanced one and a fourth level of mastery, where you can access technical and pedagogical knowledge for the dictation of this knowings.

Within the study of N'Ching Lung, among other techniques, we could mention the discharge of negative energy or energetic cleaning, alignment of energy vortex (chakras), visualization and subsequent work on the bioenergetic field (Aura) and stimulation of the energetic channels with N'Ching Lung.

It should be noticed that these courses do not need previous knowledge or practice in any other discipline within the school, being recommended this knowledge for all ages, given that its use and application has no counterindications.