Feng Shui

Feng Shui - Tiang Ling - KanYhu.Few areas of study of the PaKua are so widespread and developed worldwide as the Feng Shui, and in few its so clear the intrinsically related that they are with the PaKua's Symbol or Pattern.

Even though there are thousands of publications about the topic in all of them we can find minimum a chapter where a mention is made to the patronage of the environments, and as everything, the study of this ancient technique emerges from this analysis.

In the School of PaKua training courses on this area are given by addressing the same not as a list of recipes that we can apply to environments but from the understanding of the founding principles of Feng Shui to a comprehensive application of the techniques of harmonization, not only as enhancement to already built environments but also for planning and construction of the same.

In our courses you will learn the fascinating history and the ancient origin of Feng Shui, starting from Tiang Ling and KanYhu, most ancient names of this knowledge, their roots will provide us criteria for analysing the evolution of knowledge allowing us to not only know where it comes from, but where it goes to in this way enable us to meet our goal.

The goal of Feng Shui is to be a technique that allows people to harmonize the energy of their environments not only with the typology of the same user, but also with the target for which it was designed and the environment where it is located, giving birth this trilogy of factors to one exciting science that will allow us to take awareness of how the environment affects our energy and how we affect enviroments, to interact with both factors through techniques such as the 5 Chinese Elements, the 9 Palaces, the use of the Compass of the Luo Shui and many other techniques.