Inside the great knowledges that the East treasures, the Chinese Traditional Medicine is one of the more famous, being this practice iconic of the Eastern culture due to its great effectiveness in the prevention and shelter of the individual's health.

Our School offers the possibility of learning this ancient technique being the study of the PaKua the philosophical pillar of Chinese Traditional Medicine, where its approached from the antiquity to the individual and their health from a holistic aspect, being this revolutionary principle in therapeutic practices and marking the way to many Etnomedicines.

The formation of Chinese Traditional Medicine has a program of 3 years of duration with a semi-presence semester.Our title has international validity allowing you to access to university exams to achieve a double degree, access to national or international training, as well as congresses, seminars and clinical practices in the outside.

The material used are the books of Dr. Carlos Nogueira Perez, director and founder of the CEMECT, and direct disciple of Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi.

For each year we use a different book, that is delivered in a PDF format by chapters according to the classes that is are being dictated.Also DVD´s of different classes by chapter dictated by the author and director of the CEMECT to be played in a DVD equipment connected to a television or computer.

Next to the bibliography of each class, teachers are delivering different study materials to complement the training and provide bibliographies to those who want to deepen into different areas of academic study.