It is said that the first musical instrument was created by Fu Xi, who also created the Eight Trigrams or PaKua, the fundamental stone of I Ching. It is also said of he, that he was one of the responsible of originating the Chinese breed and culture. Fu Xi chose a log from the Wu Tong tree (Phoenix’s Tree) to fabricate the first musical instrument, the “Gu Qin”…

The Sonorotherapy course approaches from a concise and tangible perspective the harmonization techniques through the sounds, both for the self-application as well for the diagnosis and harmonization of third parties. Since we have knowledge, the human being experiences with sounds and among all its possibilities, the benefit that these carry for the healing and harmonization, both in a personal level as well as in, for example, our surroundings (Feng Shui). Is it because of this that Sonorotherapy is incorporated to the Energetic Therapy’s universe techniques spectrum, answering to the bioenergetic and Chinese Traditional Medicine principles.

It is known that nowadays the contamination levels in the environment also include acoustic aspects which harm the harmony of the human being, it is here where the Sonorotherapy knowledge acts directly harmonizing and giving tools to the practitioner to know how to prevent this troubled states.

Sonorotherapy not only harmonizes states originated in the acoustic form, it is also an applicable method to disharmonies originated from other sources, like changes on the mood, stress, insomnia, fatigue, to mention some of the many possible alterations of the natural state of harmony.


Sound equals to vibration, and vibration equals to energy. From a more energetic approach, the sound dynamism stimulates the energetic (Qi) and sanguine (Xue) circulation.

This flow of active and dynamic Qi favors and drives the organic and proper processes of health, both for maintenance and recovery of this natural state of the human being that is often altered.

For all this, it is very important to know the sound both physically and bioenergetically and be able to know what their potentials are to be used in order to optimize the integral state of oneself and to whoever we provide the benefits of this practice that accompanies the human being from its origin and today is still very useful.

The School invites both students and interested parties to participate in this therapeutic training and to embark on an enriching journey through the discovery of the properties of sound and its benefits.