The course of Energy Pathways, studies how the Chi flows and is conducted in the human body, also how we can interact with it to restore its balance through the ancient points of chinese acupressure.

This knowledge is intended to be a tool not only in the understanding of the flow of energy in our body but also for the understanding of ancient concepts as Yin Yang and the Five Elements (Wu Xing) that are inherent in all areas of the human environment and the development of its activities.The study of Energy Pathways is millenial, dates from about 2000 years BC. We can quote as a reliable test of its antiquity the Nei King So Wen, which is one of the more ancient books on its study and it's inherent to the chinese culture's roots.

The study of the Energy Pathways goes beyond simple memorization of channels and point maps, as a static and abstract knowledge, it is the understanding of its flows and how they interact in our body and how vortex are generated which influence that circulation, being this millenary knowledge something dynamic and changing as the body itself.This area of study is necessary to get our harmony and stabilize in a preventive form not only our health, but also our development with our environment, being a natural therapy which helps the body and its functions.

Even more we can affirm that the study of the Energy Pathways is fundamental to understand and take conscience of the processes that occur in the energy stage, not only in our body but in different and multiple areas of study.

For example:We can mention Martial Art and the work with points to increase the effectiveness of the Self-Defense techniques, or the Fen Shui with the study of the influences of energy in environments, Chinese Tradicional Medicine and we could continue with a wide range of sciences where the understanding of the interactions of Yin and Yang are necessary.

We invite you to take contact with the School in any of our Locations and internalize in how you can access to this knowledge and participate of our trianing courses.