PaKua’s Martial Formation works with the individual integrally, looking to simultaneously develop physical, mental and emotional aspects through different exercises, looking forward to develop with the practice physically strong students, with self-confidence and a high self-esteem, in a friendly environment.

At physical level, the School works the body’s strengthening and flexibility, through gradual techniques easy to execute, with a high degree of effectiveness, accepted for over more than 20 years of teaching and development, allowing us this experience in the pedagogical field to adapt ourselves to different physiques, body types, ages and sex.

At mental level, we do breathing and concentration exercises to generate confidence and attitude, fundamental skills in the self-defense practice.

It is important for us to say that it can be practiced by people of any age and sex, with no need of previous knowledge or training.

For the kids, we have special programs that, through games and the supervision of specialized Masters chosen by the School, they develop confidence, respect and honesty.

For the teenagers and adults, we developed modern and effective programs of self-defense techniques, which include different risky situations of any kind, allowing the individuals to assimilate them and a safe way to solve this situations, in a companionship and cordiality atmosphere.

Also, the practice allows the gradual technical assimilation, avoiding the undesired full contact and possible injuries or accidents.

Due to the existence of different forms of combat, to include all the situations of self-defense that exist, there are different techniques proper to each of this forms.

In an initial level we can separate the techniques in two main groups: The ones of One-Step Sparring and the ones of Self-Defense.

One-Step Sparring: It receives its name because the techniques that are studied are destined to combat situations that are generated at approximately one step of distance. Those are the ones in which an active aggression is produced, like a kick or a punch. The techniques consist in avoiding the attacks, dodging and applying a defense to end up in a dominant position in the fight, applying counterattacks to neutralize and immobilize the opponent if necessary.

Self-Defense: It’s the analysis of techniques intended to scape a passive aggression, as may be grabbing, withholdings or chokings, studying how to scape and end up in a advantaging position, whether to retain or to deliver a blow. In the practice in the Schools, because of the effectiveness of the techniques and the sensibility of the impact zones, the movements are worked without full contact in the initial levels, that is to say, that the hits havethe objective of marking without hitting the partner of practice; exercising so the accuracy of the individual so, in posterior advanced levels, we can reach more dynamic practices and with more closeness to the real situation.

All our Practice Schools are characterized by an excellent human group, always ready to help you improve. The Masters and Instructors of the School are specially capacitated to incur in the needs of the Student, generating so a more effective and faster growing.