In the School of PaKua we look through the Martial Formation to go along with the growing of the little ones, their work plans are designed by the Institution to be the more adequate according to their development phase, taking in account the physical aspects as much as the emotional ones.

The professionals in charge of the classes are in a constant capacitation not only in martial aspects but also in the pedagogical ones to bring the children an environment where they can develop themselves, play, exercise and learn, incorporating the values which are inherent to the martial art, for example, discipline and respect not only for their elders but also for their classmates.

Within a few months of starting practicing a lot of parents become gratefully surprised of the results that they see in their kids. They strengthen their character feeling more confident of themselves, taking confidence without becoming aggressive, an aspect that we take very seriously while working with kids.

We always receive queries from parents, about the difference in the work plans between children and adults. The answer to this question has multiple origins, the first is that from the physical aspect, for its development, the kids need different exercises than those of the adults. They should avoid strength exercises and increase the coordination working discharge of energy that they need greater than in adults, as well as work on discipline and respect, working so that they interact with each other in a harmonious and non-violent way.

In the martial aspects,children are instructed in martial training, not in self-defense. They're taught through games and exercises the skills of martial movements, strength, speed, plasticity, knowledge of your body and limitations, in addition to the inherent coordination of a martial artist. We teach them about nonviolence and the responsibility of their acts. They are not taught self-defense, since adult distinguishes situations and is responsible for their actions, while children often do not distinguish a discussion with a fellow of a deed of real violence, adult techniques seeks to prioritize its effectiveness and the damage they cause, working with harmonic techniques that prioritize the physical skills and their development in children.

In our enclosures we have large schedules during all the week, so the parents can coordinate their practices with their other activities. We invite them to approach to know our responsible Orientators, as well as do participate your children to our free-trial classes before signing them.

Some of the benefits of the practice in our students:

  • · Martial Formation – Self- Defense
  • · Kid’s Martial Art
  • · Tai Chi
  • · Yoga Chino - Dao Inn
  • · Reflexology
  • · Chinese Acrobatics
  • · Edged Weapons
  • · TraditionalChinese Medicine