What is PaKua?

Etymologically speaking, the word PaKua, comes from the Chinese language and means "Eight Changes", "Eight Movements" or "Eight Mutations".

It’s the name that formerly receives a Millennial Knowledge Diagram, whose mythological origin dates back in the most ancient texts to 5000 B.C., this texts and old stories gives the development to the Yellow Emperor Fu-Shi, who is considered one of the Three Sovereigns. Although many theories place its origin in the Middle East, where the most antique engravings were found.

The old oriental legends say that this Emperor was in a glimpse state of the sky and earth in the shores of the Yellow River, when a tortoise appeared, and in its shell he could elucidate the states of change. He found that the marks in its body and the ones in the sky, represented by the constellations, were very similar. From that observation, he spread the Eight Trigrams or PaKua, as a symbol of knowledge which rules the universal laws, the world order, the nature phenomena, and the human being. Each trigram has its relationship with one of the eight cardinal points.

Thereof, this diagram is used to carry out the harmonic development and planning of any line of knowledge.

It is therefore that we can observe the implementation of the diagram in substantially different areas, for example, in the development of the I’Ching ("The Book of Mutations") within a philosophical line; PaKua Chuan, within a physical one; the FenShui, a technical one, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the area of health, all of them use the PaKua pattern as the foundation stone of its origins and alignments. It is also through their study that the so diffused 64 hexagrams are developed today.

This Antique Oriental Diagram is intended from it’s origins to bring a service to the Man, because through it’s study and subsequent application, life quality can be improved in every level, speaking of physical, mental and emotional ones.

Being a very vast knowledge, to facilitate its study, the PaKua Oriental Knowledges and Sciences School decided to put together all the information; facilitating the income of practitioners according to their technical preferences, in eight areas:

  • · Martial Formation – Self- Defense
  • · Kid’s Martial Art
  • · Tai Chi
  • · Chinese Yoga – Dao Inn
  • · Reflexology
  • · Chinese Acrobatics
  • · Edged Weapons
  • · Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a discipline, PaKua chases the full development of the person in their physical, mental and emotional aspects. Bringing them the best development of their perception and adaptation to the environment and the changes that are produced in it. Developing in each stage the innate talents of the practitioners and helping them to overcome themselves and acquire those technical aspects that are not easy for them, trying to not pigeonhole the practitioner in styles, allowing them to learn different dynamics which can be adapted to their ages, body types and genders, being PaKua a Modern and Dynamic Teaching allowing the application of its techniques to the happening of every day, taught in customized classes by high-qualified professionals which are in constant training and supervision of the Institution.

We hope all visitors of ourwebsite approach to one of our Schools to encourage them up for experiencing the quality of each one of our disciplines and the warmth of our Orientators.