Location in Mendoza

Mendoza now counts with a location in PaKua's Oriental Knowledge and Sciences School, giving therefore the posibility to all the community of access to this ancestral knowledge that despite of the time remains effective and day to day is better taken in these special times.

At our location you can access the different courses and classes whether of the martial knowledge branches or the therapeutic ones.

Self-Defense, Martial Arts, Antique Weapons, Acrobatics, Tai Chi - Chi Kung, Chinese Yoga, Dao Inn, Qi Gong, Reflexology - Reflexotherapy...

Also, in the "courses" section on this page you can get more information on other activities that the School offers in frame of the transmission of this ancient knowledge, for example: Feng Shui, N' ching Lung ("Chinese Reiki"), Energy Pathways, Chinese Medicine...

We have in addition a special space (consulting room) for the development of Oriental Therapies, a proper place for the recovery of harmony and well-being through the use of various techniques such as Harmonizing Oriental Massage, Zonal Reflexologic Massage (for example: hands, feet), Acupressure, Auricular Therapy, among others.



    Olegario V. Andrade 241 – Ciudad, Mendoza.


    cel: 0261. 156 790 142

    Tel: 0261. 428 38 64

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