This discipline search is to understand and give understanding to the practitioner of the reflection of the individual with its macro cosmos and micro cosmos, being the same participant and architect of their own environment.

Reflexology is an ancient but effective technique to preserve our health, through the interaction and application of massages in our reflex areas. By excellence, those are:The foot, the hand and the ear.(These being the most well known but not the only, since we can also mention the tongue and the eye among others).

The practice of Reflexology in PaKua is more comprehensive, including exercises of Dynamotherapy, study of the Five Chinese Elements (Wu Xing) and Energy Pathways.

Reflexology is by excellence a preventive technique, there is a saying in the middle that says:

  • "In homes where feets are massaged, doctors don't come in"

This is because the proven preventive effects of these massages in thousands of reflexology practitioners through the ages.

PaKua Oriental Knowledges and Sciences School provides regular classes of Reflexology that allow us, in addition to learn this ancient knowledge, having a space and time to apply it and practice it, not only in yourself but also in others, given that, in classes, we study the auto implementation and application to third parties of these techniques, and you can bear witness of their effects in depth and comprehensive way.

Prior knowledge are not required for the practice of Reflexology, and there are no age limits or physical impairments to participate, since classes, if well there is a group, are personalized; providing practitioners knowledge about their disharmonies and how to deal with them in primary form.

We hope that those interested can approach our practice enclosures to receive information and can start to practice and take care of your health.

Some benefits of its practice:

  • · Increase of the immunological levels
  • · Improvement of the organic functions
  • · Decrease in the feeling of general tiredness
  • · General revitalization of the organism
  • · Body'sflexibility