The Tai Chi is an ancient practice that is based in the study of the movement in all its variants of forms, rhythms and speeds; in order to learn the management of vital energy (Chi) in the integration of body, mind and spirit

In the Tai Chi the work with the breath and its harmony with the movement of the body and their thoughts play a fundamental role.By translating Tai Chi we can give it the meaning of "Supreme movement"; It is the study of the movement according to the Ying - Yang and its mutations which are the origin of the changes.

The Tai Chi is a therapeutic discipline, that seeks to increase the quality of life of the practitioner.It is currently one of the most recommended disciplines by the health professionals, due to its high rate of effectiveness. Its practice without contraindications and the low-impact exercises, making their techniques preferred by practitioners of advanced age or with health problems.

Also one of the most widespread worldwide style of Tai Chi is the Tai Chi Chuan, or boxing of the palms, that give to the Tai Chi a point of view from the defense; allowing the younger practitioners to develop techniques for the resolution of conflicts, through the study of the energy pathways and their interactions.

In the school of PaKua, in the area of Tai Chi, the student studies the Supreme Movement depending on the Eight States of Change, and within each one of them we study its modifications in the three large cosmic organizations:Heaven, Man and Earth; giving origin to 24 possibilities of study.This, at the same time, can be expanded by combining again the States of change between themselves and originating 64 possibilities of study, making it clear that the Tai Chi, in the school of PaKua, is a knowledge much more broad and vast not limited to the study of a form or style, but developing concepts that can we incorporate to our daily forms and chores.

Notably, while it can be made in a therapeutic way,it proportionally works all the levels and can be, for whoever wants it, a splendid art for the Self-Defense, without the need of adopting all its purposes as, this broad knowledge, is adapted to what the practitioner wants to learn and develop.

• Some of the benefits obtained from the practice are:

  • · Body elasticity
  • · Longevity
  • · Reinforces all the immune system
  • · Increases the perception of the senses and the control of our body and its movements both external (body) and internal (organic)
  • · Increases the sexual power, decreasing depressive states.
  • · Produces the detoxification of the body