In PaKua, the study of changes, we can find different practices which work in the harmonic development of the human being, from a point of view that starts in the physical aspect towards the internal one.

Those who consider that the power of the mind and its development is capable of everything are favorite followers of the Dao Inn or Chinese Yoga. This activity works in the practitioner through meditation techniques with a high content of development of the internal aptitudes, mentally and emotional, transferring this to the physical plane.

The Chinese Yoga (Dao Inn) is a comprehensive practice that bring us, through poses which range from the most basic and simple, given thoughts, concentration in some specific area of the body or simply a breathing exercise; to complex concepts of mental concentration which lead the practitioner to a harmonic state, making it a discoverer of an “universal harmony that’s there for all of us”, but that our daily life, the routine, the daily stress and the backpack of our “noisy week” prives us off.

It gives the disciple a high degree of knowledge of its interior, allowing its development and harmonization so, with this knowledge, he can produce changes in its environment; turning it more natural and gentle, being the main search of this ancient discipline that, through the internal state, our externl environment gets reflected and in the end improves, and vice versa.The Chinese Yoga allows us an intangible place of harmonic meeting with ourselves and the universe, where we can balance and order our energies for the everyday live.

The positive effects on health, with Dao Inn, are proven through hundreds of thousands of testimonies of its practitioners around the world, being this practice recommended by doctors of different specialties by its proven effect in protecting the health of its practitioners, both mental and physical.

In the School of PaKua, its practice is done regularly in weekly hours, which allow the practitioners to train and study; as well as developying the techniques gradually.The majority of our students is surprised with their advances at the little time of initiated in the practice, and how the Dao Inn gradually improves and harmonizes aspects of their daily routines.

We invite the navigators to dare to try this discipline where the practice has no age limits, whether for their integral development or as an ideal complement to other training routines.

Some of the benefits of Chinese Yoga

  • · Development and improvement of the lung capacity
  • · Improvement of organic functions
  • · Mental relaxation
  • · Flexibility and postureimprovement
  • · Physical strenghtment